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Our Story

Norwegian firm Norsk Ombruk AS has developed an innovative business model that remanufactures major appliances to offer high-performing electronic equipment at half the cost, all while driving the economy for resource-efficient practices.

Our Vision

Norsk Ombruk's process extends the life of products while also preventing waste. Other businesses can save resources, carbon and energy, while consumers can save money.

The Future

We are looking to improve value chain collaboration to strengthen its market position and generate more circular economy and remanufacturing benefits.


Norsk Ombruk AS is a dynamic and ambitious remanu­facturing company – established in Norway in 2013 – laser focused on extending the useful and productive life of household electrical goods.


The company’s value proposition is all about taking products that have come to the end of their first, useful phase of and, through its unique remanufacturing processes, performed by a team of skilled operatives, the company is able to produce high-quality remanufactured products, which deliver a further useful five years of peak-performance, and which may be purchased through reputable big-brand stores at half-the-price of new machines.


Not only does this business model enhance product life and value for the end-user customer, it also extends the life and reputation of the original brand. The model delivers an affordable alternative, to the brand new product, while preserving valuable resources, and saving energy and

associated carbon dioxide emissions.


Norsk Ombruk currently has a focus on White Goods, a category that includes refrigerators, washing machines, stoves, dishwashers, and dryers. Table (below) includes a summary of the company’s remanufacturing product mix. The relative proportions of products are received are fairly similar, each year, and are purely down to whatever the company receives from its various channels of supply – most usually products returned to retailers at the end of their first useful life.

Let us share that journey with you...


The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) could provide the greatest opportunity and catalyst for business and economic transformation, this generation will see.

Norsk Ombruk AS also recognises the potential impact and contribution – associated

with its remanufacturing model – in support of the greater movement towards

achieving the SDGs. Their key impacts may be summarised as:


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Norsk Ombruk AS
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Vestfold, Norge
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